Saturday, February 21, 2009

teachers, potty training

Ok first I would like to start out by saying errrrr.. thats to nicks teachers. I have discussed about nicholas and being forgetful, adhd has ahold of him alot, he cant concentrate half the time.. he doesnt hear half of what you say because yea HE IS NOT FOCUCED. any teacher that knows about adhd or asbergers all know that kids can not focus.. so every week a couple times a week.. I feel I get sculded by the teacher for not completing work..every day we do homework read books etc etc. At the 1st of the school year his teacher said he would only have 1 sheet aday.. he gets 3 alot.. is it my fault he cant remember to bring work home..its my responsibilty to do work at home..but shouldnt she be giving him a lil extra nudge to bring stuff home. i know he has to have accountability, but have the time hes not listening to her.. it just urks me.. like im a bad parent they way she comes to the car to tell me this with her lil smirk on her face..
ok secondly.. i got emma a potty chair not to potty train her but to let her butt air out..shes had a horrible but rash for weeks and im tired of digging poo from a towel.. but for 2 days now shes pooed like 4 times and peed several times.. she doesnt really know what shes doing, but shes doing it so im just gonna keep it up.. yea.. oh ps were does emma get her sleep face


the dynamic nature said...

Hi! The kids are cute and facinating.

Anonymous said...

HI Joy,
Try Bag Balm on her butt...over night it will be almost all gone.
works like a charm...its in a green can at the store or pharmacy...ask for Bag Balm in the green can,,,no immitations.only costs around 5 bucks. sure beets diaper rash!!!
Maria, Gracies mom

Deborah said...

Joy, the pics of Emma on her potty crack me up, In fact, Delaney has the same potty.

I was not aware your son had Aspergers. Bless your heart. I would love to chat sometime. My son was recently diagnosed with Aspergers/ADD and we had the same snarky hateful teachers in his kindergarten class. I feel your pain. Micah is six, too.

Your kids are just dolls. Such cuties. Emma and my niece Makily could be sisters. Funny how Emanuel kids look like they could all be siblings, no matter where they come from.

Hang in there. I'm praying for your family.

Patti said...

Hi Joy,
I read your blog often...Nick is so grown up, and little Emma is beautiful. How old are the kids now? Does Nick still have an IEP? If not, you may want to look into getting him a 504 plan....that way you can get in writing reduced assignments, verbal and or other types of reminders that will help Nick at school remember to pack everything he needs to take home each day. You can also ask for an extra set of books to keep at home so you will never have to worry about books getting back & forth from home to school. I know he may not have many books now, but it is something you can ask for in the future. It makes me sad that Nick doesn't have an understanding teacher. He is such a neat have alot to be proud of! I also want you to know what a wonderful mother I think you are. I read your words and you always amaze me. Keep hanging in there Joy.
Take Care!
Patti Myers...Nick's pre-k teacher


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