Tuesday, June 24, 2008

still bla bla

Ok on the good note my mamogram was fine. although a friend sent me a link to a new type of breast cancer apparently a mamogram wont pick it up only an mri.. and since im broke o well.. on the bad note jj didnt get the job he wanted he held out for the better job, didnt get it now the other place isnt hiring anymore.. weve searched career builder like crazy called but no one seems to be hiring.. so life kind of sucks right now.. getting ready to loose our trailer and cars.. the bill collectors are freaking jerks.. oh and phone,cable,etc etc.. owell though.. we have our health and somewhat our insanity.. owell gotta go get emma pray for us.. heck pray for the economy,etc etc oh yea the husband is totally killin me, hes mopin, depressed how the heck am I supposed to stay in a good mood for the family when i got a major mojo killer here... blaaaaaaaaa oh yea its inflamatory breast cancer

Friday, June 20, 2008


ok im stressed tried to change emmas mickey but it is stuck like the hole has shrunk so stressed....

drama drama

well drama in the trailer park.. someone jump started there lawn mower it caught fire. nic was so excited/scared.. he grabbed our fire extengisher and took off running my 1st emergency he yelled.. so jj had to chase him.. he got home he was so proud.. am I a hero mom.. so of course i said yes.. then a rabbid fox attacked some lil girls in the trailer park.. crazy.. we went for a walk with emma in her lil push car of course not knowing there was rabbid animals on the loose.. but emma loves her lil car.. she was trying to stand up in it the whole time.. shes is doing so good.. oh yea well find out monday if jj gets the new job.. I'll probably get my mamogram results then too.. oh yea did i forget to mention i had a mamogram.. the poor lady probably left early with a back ache.. I knew they were big but when you go laying up on a table OMG... I definetly need a breast reduction.. she totally had to 2 hand it and boy was it a chore.. fun huh.. well talk with ya later

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

busting my bubble..

Well I did have a dream of mexico, of dolphins whales pina coladas. but i just recieved word my dream is not of mexico..well life kind of sucks right now.. husbands still unemployed, still broke, still depressed, still fat... well i think for my dreams and to have something to hold on to.. my mexico is a beautiful place.. i didnt say i wanted to go to tijuana.. dont rich people go to a nice pretty mexico or am i just plain wrong... I have been to tijuana yea it sucked.. oh well gonna go wollow...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

our kids are a gift..

How in the middle of such a crisis our family is in do we have huge smiles on our faces.. its the kiddies..emma has just been adorable. shes learned how to scrunch her nose and do a cutesy face..she's tried to play peek a boo with us twice, shes learned that its fun to throw your toys off the table it makes a big noice, she was so excited while sitting in her chair she stood up twice on the foot rests..it was awsome.. she was drinkin her water and giving me the eye and we even have her on video using more sign language..this girl is going to walk shes going to be smart. she loves to play with us.. she even kissed her baby doll after i kissed it.. i know to some this might not mean much.. but to me it is a miracle.. she is a true gift from god.. Im workin on doing a montage of just nicholas he feels hes left out..its probably true but he always has friends over its always something.. but looking at all his baby pics i sure wish he was little again.. i miss him having teeth, its been like 4 years since he knocked all 4 of his front teeth out.. we may be getting ready to be homeless but god thank you for our children, our lives, our health and each other.. please bless us with what ever you want us to have.. tell my babies hi for me...oh yea right after i stop the film earlier emma feel face first and busted her gums. doesnt look like she damaged anything.. so please god let her mouth be ok..

Life is like a box of melted chocolates

Well the little black rain cloud is back..JJ's trucks transmission went out on the way home from loosing his job. they say when it rains it pours.. well bring it on..can anyone say ZOLOFT...well pray for jj that he gets a new job, he is so depressed.. he was with sears as a subcontractor for 4 years.. and they just dont care about there employees I really feel subcontractors get a raw deal. but hey what do you do i guess its just life our life.. so god please let this little cloud go away.. oh yea on a good note emma is doing great, shes been using a bottle called medela soft feeder and she is so loving the ice water, im hoping speech therapy can get her somemore..


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

alley mcbeal

Im so trying not to alley mcbeal my oldest no not the husband... I think i need to up the ritalin or something... can anyone say military school, nanny 911....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm so going to run away to mexico..

emma is not a happy camper.. i know if i had my mouth tore open i would want something stronger than tylenol and ibuprofin.. unless she is in a upright position she is just not happy and half of that time she is ticked off to.. so i'm gonna run away to mexico all by myself.. pina coladas, whales, dolphins, peace, rest... aaaaaa.. would be nice huh


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Bahama's princess
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i love u

i love u

Emma in the nicu

Emma in the nicu