Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hip problems

well I'm hoping emma will graduate out of her
scottish rite brace today.. I blame alot of her
delays on this. I know thats probably not true but hey
if that makes me feel better so be it..
emma has had her poor legs up in the air
for 8 months now. she so has the fire in her we just
know that shes ready to go. i took her brace of last night and
she was moving like crazy she wanted to crawl so bad. so lets
hope and pray the exrays are ok today.. tomorrow we get
to try a creepster crawler at pt. its a chair that you strap
them too underneath to let let crawl.. next week plastic
surgeon to see if we can say bye bye to the old
helmet.. and to talk about cleft repair..
dont know how all thats going to work out shes tongue tied
and has a bifid uvula that means the little ball
in the back of your through is cut in 2 and side ways.
they look like feelers.. well wish me luck or shall i say wish emma luck...


angelamurray34 said...

Oh Joy,

I always have you and your lil' girl in my thoughts, you are both brave and strong.
You are doing a great job being her mom!
I miss you...Would love to see you all again.
Love Angela

Stephanie St-Pierre said...

Joy - I'm glad you shared your blog! Emma is adorable and she will be your lttle fireball - I'm going to add you to my blog friend's list! I loved the video of her!


Donnie Hulsey said...
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