Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm so tired of

So I figure i would get some frustrations out with an Im so tired of list

(1) of feeling sorry for myself!
(2) I'm tired of being poor!
(3) I'm tired of not being able to pay my rent!
(4) I'm tired of second hand things for my baby..she deserves a new stroller,feeding chair, clothes, etc.
(5) I'm tired of hearing bless your heart, in a I feel so sorry for sort of way.
(6) I'm tired of my husband working his but off to get no where in life.
(7) I'm tired of having to say I don't have any money.
(8) I'm tired of thinking if i pay this shut off notice will i be able to buy grocheries or gas.
(9) I'm tired of not having any clothes and being fat.
(10)I'm tired of not just being able to live a normal life and pay our bills without worry.
(11) i'm tired of depressing you nice folks who read my blog. I wouldnt blame you if you deleted me..
(12)i'm tired of having to say ok i'll get a free gift for my child for christmas
(13) i'm tired of seeing happy people everywhere and wish we could join the party.
(14)i'm tired of my son being lonely because we moved him from all his friends
(15) I'm tired of not having family or friends or a support system, I read so many blogs and people really have friends and family and support..yes it is out there.
(16)i'm tired of laying in bed everynight and dreaming of extreme home makeover and how i wish they'd come yell name.
(17)i'm tired of seeing others get things for there child and my child get nothing.
(18)im tired of not being able to go to church because i cant afford 10%
You know dont get me wrong I love life, my life my family. I just want better for all of us. I want us to be happy.
Emma has her swallow study tomorow please pray that it goes ok.. I hate going into nashville its a crazy town to drive in..

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jemelene said...

Can I add, I am so tired that I can't even relax enough to sleep...

Whe you go to the swallow study, see if they can hook you up with a social worker. You will be amazed (if you get a good one) how much they can help you! We had our first swallow studay in October. After 9 years there were still some surprises.

Hugs to you and Emma!


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