Wednesday, May 20, 2009

asbergers/autism finally an answer!

Well I had an hour and half meeting at the school for nic today and finally got an answer. His doctor had already said what he thought it was but was waiting for the school to give there answer.. So now our goals switch from learning and adhd to autism/asbergers. I'm so glad to have an answer to all his lil issues. I was really starting to think just bad parenting skills or something..Plus normally he's really different at school than home. but we all came back with the same issues. So now im gonna look into some camps on social skills maybe anger management or something. Atleast now I know he doesnt mean to be a

I am a little sad that I was right about him not making friends.. for years now I have tried to tell the teachers about his friend issues and someone finally sat down and watched..For 2 years in south carolina I would sit in my car and cry for my child hiding under the slide. Its so hard to see your child feel sad and lonely. I want the world for him. He is a great kid he would do anything for anyone he just doesnt know how to step forward and say hello..does that make sense. If someone bumps him he thinks they did it on purpose. so mom and nick have alot to work on this summer..

ps emma has found her tongue its so cute she keeps sticking it out and to the side totally cute..1 more day of school for nick....bahahaaaaa.. please pray for peace in my family..that I have patience and love when needed..for emma to keep feeling better. and for nic to find a friend that understands and excepts him..


Deborah said...

It's a hard thing to hear, but at least you can understand why he does the things he does now, and you can get him the extra help he needs.

I have been going to a support group through CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders). They can set you up with all kinds of assistance to help your little guy meet his full potential. Here is the link for them. I hope you can find a group in your area to help you out!

I pray for you and your little family every day.

Many hugs being sent your way. I'm so glad you have some answers and can move on to the next step. :)

The Queen of Chaos said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! I'm reading through yours and you have quite the handful you're dealing with.

I've got some experience in kids w/ disabilities, medical issues, especially the Autism. Let me know if I can help, perhaps just as another resource.

Praying for answers and assistance.

Anonymous said...

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